Friday, February 11, 2011

Halfus Wyrmbreaker and Valiona & Theralion

Stepped in to the Bastion of Twilight Raid for the first time since Patch 4.0.6 and lets just say - wow, combat rogue DPS on Halfus Wyrmbreaker is insane. I left Blade Flurry on for most of the fight and with the drakes positioned just right i did 39k DPS for the whole fight, a bit of a jump from the 25k of previous weeks. Was lovin being No#1 on the DPS charts!

Learned something new for Valiona & Theralion too, that being that both Twilight Meteorite and Blackout can be Cloaked for no damage (but the spell still does damage to those around you). So if you are targeted with these two abilities you can run out away from the raid, cloak to stop the damage to yourself and as you are not standing near one else takes any damage. Adds a lot of extra DPS time on the boss as when I am targeted no one else has to move and saves the healers a lot of raid damage that needs to be healed. The whole raid was actually hoping that I got targeted which in this case wasn't because they don't like me but because it made the fight just that little bit easier (not that it's hard really, but all helps!)


  1. I did a half-assed tutorial on how to get tooltips to show up on mouse over - just tryin' to help a fellow WoW blogger out.

  2. this is really making me want to play again
    i just wish i had time...

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