Thursday, February 10, 2011

Patch 4.0.6 - First Impressions

Well lets just say that I'm impressed with Patch 4.0.6!

As a combat rogue myself there was a LOT of good stuff in the latest patch for us. The changes to our major Mastery Talent were very very much needed (main hand strike instead of offhand) and while combat rogues should still not gem or reforge their gear to increase their Mastery I did notice a significant improvement in the damage coming from Main Gauche while fighting Magmaw, the Omnotron Defence System, Atramedes and Malorik.

Overall I saw an average DPS increase of 2k per fight which was also helped along by the increase to Attack Power granted by Vitality (increased from 20% to 25%), the changes to Main Gauche and the changes to Synapse Springs

It feels good to be a few more places up the DPS charts, Rogues are a pure DPS class...we should be at the top!

My post on Combat rogue spec and rotations is in the works, I've had to make some modifications to it due to Patch 4.0.6, look for it in the coming days.


  1. im looking into playing warcraft, I'm scared i might get addicted though

  2. Seems more to me as a bunch of bug fixes than anything.

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